Assoc. Prof. Mariano Martín

Presentation Title: Optimal Integrated Facility for Oxymethylene Ethers Production from Renewable Methanol

Short Biography:

Dr. Martín is associate professor of chemical engineering at the Universidad de Salamanca (Spain) and head of the Sustainable process and products Lab. Graduated cum laude (BSc+MSc) in 2003, was recipient of the outstanding thesis award in 2008 by Univ. Salamanca. He Joined Procter and Gamble, Newcastle, where he was recipient of the P&G award for the contribution to modelling and simulation. Next, he accepted a Fulbright postdoctoral fellowship at Carnegie Mellon University with Prof. Ignacio Grossmann. Dr. Martín was named “Rising Star in Chemical Engineering” by Imperial College London in 2016. He is the author of over 120 peer reviewed papers (h=29 SCOPUS), 31 book chapters, 2 monographs and 3 text books in editorials such as Elsevier, Springer in CRC Press. Dr. Martin is evaluator of international research projects and fellowships and editor of LAAR, PIOS and BMC Chemical Engineering.