A Pathways to Improve Performance and Applicability of Photovoltaic Technologies in Energy Transition

by Sandro Nižetić


The role of renewable energy technologies is key one considering an ongoing energy transition, besides necessary actions in the field of energy efficiency. Currently, the leading globally installed worldwide renewable energy capacities are related to the photovoltaic technologies (PV). Present market available PV technologies are mostly silicon based one, which are the oldest ones, however they are the most reliable and with favourable economic aspect. In order to secure further desired rise of in installed PV capacities an actions towards performance improvement are necessary, as well as investigations of the novel possible application areas for current PV technologies. Present status of the market available PV technologies would be discussed together with some novel potential PV technologies that are still under ongoing research. Approaches that can secure performance improvement of the PV technologies would be elaborated and especially the role of the photovoltaic-thermal systems (PVT) as concept that can secur both electricity and heat for various applications. Finally, some economic as well as environmental implications related to the application of the PV technologies, or strategis to improve their performance, would be also discussed.