Waste-to-Energy-to-Product – Clean Ocean Project
by Petr Stehlik


Plastics are one of the most important materials of modern times and play an important role in human lives. Thanks to their advantageous properties, their worldwide production, and the production of plastic waste are constantly growing. There are hundreds of millions of tonnes of plastic waste in the oceans and seas, and estimated 5-13 million tonnes are added each year. Plastics in the seas and oceans are a first-class environmental threat and pose social, economic, and humanitarian risks.


The removal of plastic waste from the seas and oceans requires a systemic solution based on similar principles and technologies that are used on land. A new “Waste-Management-System” for the seas and oceans with basic technological solutions based on the proven “Waste-to-Energy” strategy has been developed. The heart of the whole system is a process ship powered by energy obtained by thermal treatment of waste which will be able to convert the collected waste into products, namely desalinated or demineralized water and pyrolysis oil. Selling these products on the market is one of the ways to achieve the maximum economy of the whole system. The following video is a part of this lecture and clearly shows the process: https://ds.asuch.cas.cz:5001/vs/sharing/XKNwyG9a#!bW92aWUtMQ==